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The Little Theatre Garden


Solar-lit Mosaic Stepping Stones

The Little Theatre Waterfall



Solar-lit Mosaic Stepping Stones

These Stepping Stones were created during a series of mosaic-making workshops and now form part of the Little Theatre Garden. We chose to make stepping stones rather than a path due to restricted space available and maximising planting space. Inspiration came from theatre spotlights and the potential for a dramatic exit!


The lights set within the stones consist of several small LEDs (light emitting diodes) connected up to a solar panel on the building. They act as a night time guide for for the fire exits and night-lights for the garden.


The mosaics were created as part of a community project. The garden was previously derelict land prone to rubble, dogpoo and graffiti. The project, as a whole, has involved over 60 people in its making. Recycled/ reclaimed materials were used, where at all possible, to minimise energy use & money:
Old bicycle wheel frames used in the finished mosaics, as they are more freely available than barrel rings.  Bike spokes, reflectors and screws incorporated as features and reinforcement for cement, with portions of tyres used as grout applicators!


Broken crockery, which otherwise would have been thrown away, formed the mosaic and plastic bottle caps acted as light covers. Shame there's no greener alternative to cement and tile grout! (or is there?)

Local shops and people in and around Hebden kindly donated most of the materials. They were amongst the many that made this project the success it is.


Design by: Susy Feltham and 'H'Gregg.

Stepping stone kits are available at the Green shop





The Little Theatre Waterfall


The next phase of this garden will be to introduce a water feature to show off the natural beauty of water whilst also being an example of alternative or appropriate technology. A water-purifying waterfall will cascade down the steep bank to the canal. It will be visible from the bridge looking down towards the lower section of the canal and also from the theatre terrace.


Water will be pumped to the top of the garden using a solar powered pump, and then fall down through a system of cascades. This will aerate the water, which will finally pass through a reed bed system to keep the reused water purified before it is fed back to the top.


Inspiration for the waterfall came from: the Rochdale Canal overflow systems that bypass lock systems and; a type of water purifying system called a ‘flow form’ which encourages maximum aeration and energizing of the water flowing througs will be achieved by building a series of clear troughs that step down the bank.


The water will zigzag through these troughs, over crushed glass creating ripples and rapids before falling into the next trough (all of which mimics how water is aerated in its natural environment). The water will then pass over a mosaic, depicting Hebden and its artistic community, created by local artist Jan from Whitewood and Fleming Theatre & Music, before falling into a pond and finally pass through a small reedbed that will finish of the cleansing process (using bacteria that feed on the roots of the reeds).


After this journey the water will be pumped back up to the top by the means of a solar pump. We are also hoping to install a simple, but ingenious,  Archimedes screw, an ancient method of raising water using very little energy, usually hand power!  This in turn increases beneficial bacteria that cleanse the water.


A variety of useful plants will be planted around the waterfall. These will benefit from the moist air, but also will be useful to the ATC as dye and paper making plants.


The design is meant to show how a simple water feature can also be a means of cleaning and refreshing dirty water. We have tried to use recycled and reused materials throughout the design. Local volunteers will be involved in the construction. The Little Theatre has donated the money to by the solar panel for the pump. This also powers the lights in the stepping stones along the paths.


Any questions or interest in helping out please contact Susy Feltham at the Alternative Technology Centre or ring 01422 842121.









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