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The Basics publications are currently only available on the net to SUSchool members.


It is possible to purchase them at the Green shop at the Alternative Technology Centre - and will soon be possible to purchase them on line.  Please watch this space.


The Basic's publications are stored here as PDF files. Assuming no previous knowledge, they are detailed introductory booklets into the relevant subject.

Some of the publications are still being written - we will get them to you as fast as possible. Members of SUSchool are welcome to print them out and distribute them to members of the school.

Energy - the Kilowatt Hour Gardening in a Small Space
Renewable Energy Gardening for Wildlife
Solar Electricity Reedbed Basics
Designing Solar PV System Compost Toilet
Solar Water Heating Finance
Wind Power Alternative School Transport
Alternative Transport Living sustainably
Alternative fuels Water General
Small Scale Hydro Power Climate Change
Energy Efficiency in the Home Green DIY
Recycling Composting
Permaculture Fuel Cells
Organic Gardening Plant Watering
Ecological Gardening Combined Heat & Power Gen.

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