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Green Tips for softies


For quick (and free) tips on how to live in a more sustainable manner, start here!

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Energy Tips
Green tips for cars

green tips for waste

green tips for food



GReen tips for energy (and money) saving


Next time you get the vacuum cleaner out — give your fridge a treat and save money. Run the cleaner gently over the coils on the back of the fridge to remove the dust. The motor will run for shorter periods and save you cash.

Turn down your central heating thermostat by 1 degree can save up to 10% on fuel bills.


Fitting a low energy life bulb may seem like a costly exercise, but in fact it will save you 10 a year in electricity! It will pay for itself in as little as six months. Replace the ones that are on longest the first.


A soon as dusk comes draw the curtains - your windows (even if they’re double-glazed) are an energy leak point. This can save you around 15 per year!


When you’re cooking always use a lid on your pan - it dramatically cuts the energy used.


Set your central heating to cut out 30mins to 1 hour before you go to bed - your house has ‘cooling down time’. Experiment with the time.


Taking a shower instead of a bath, depending on the length of time you shower it can use as little as 1/5 of the hot water.


Simply remember to switch off unwanted lights!


If you have a microwave always use instead of an electric cooker to heat small quantities of food - its much more energy efficient.


If you have ‘Jug’ type kettle (you should) only fill it to the level you really need — don’t heat up water that you’ll just let cool down.


Avoid putting warm food in the fridge, always let it cool down first, and don’t put uncovered food in the fridge the moisture released make the fridge work harder.


Always put a full load in your washing machine - small loads waste large amounts of energy.


Don’t leave the telly on when you’re not watching it (same goes for the computer and radio).


If you have an extractor fan in the kitchen or bathroom — turn it off as soon as it’s done its job. Left running for an hour could empty a whole house full of warmed air!


Defrost your fridge regularly a build up of frost on the elements will dramatically reduce its efficiency.

When cooking electric make sure you match the pan size to the hotplate to avoid wasted energy, with gas make sure the flame only heat the bottom of the pan.


If you use a tumble drier always dry heavier items like towels separately from lighter items.

Don't leave electrical items such as TVs, PC screens etc on standby.......they use a surprising amount of energy overnight.  From Angela Cosens

To see how much electricity a kettle uses, look at the dial on your electricity meter and watch the speed it moves (say with only a couple of lights and the tv on in the house).. Then fill the kettle and go back and look at the dial..... Watch the dial spin... This just goes to show how much electricity can be saved if you put only the amount of water you need to boil in the kettle.  From Elizabeth Baker

When you leave your TV on stand-by, it uses a third of the electricity it would use to have it totally turned on... Do not leave your television on stand-by, you will use lots less electricity. From Elizabeth Baker


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Green tips for cars

OK so we can’t persuade you to give up your car! But here are some really easy tips to reduce its impact on the world.

Try to drive less. Think about whether you always need to use your car. Cutting out some of those short  
ourneys could really help in reducing emissions.  

 Watch your fuel consumption. Check your fuel consumption, and make sure your car is running as efficiently as possible. If in doubt, get it serviced  

 Drive more slowly! It can save lives, but will also save you money. For example, you use 30% more fuel driving at 70mph than 50mph  

 Drive more smoothly! Think ahead - and avoid sharp braking and rapid acceleration. It saves fuel.  

 Switch off - don't idle! If you've stopped, switch off! If you're idling, while waiting or in a traffic  
am, you're getting zero miles to the gallon. So, switch off if you can - and that applies to the air conditioning too!  

 Check your tyre pressure If your tyres are at the right pressure, you'll drive more smoothly and save fuel  

 Cut down wind resistance Remove roof racks and other accessories if you're not using them: a fully loaded roof rack increases consumption by 30%!  

 Use your gears as efficiently as possible Drive in as high a gear as possible. You'll use a quarter less fuel doing 40mph in fifth than in third!  

 Travel light! If you don't need it, don't take it.

 Plan your journey! There's no surer way to waste fuel than to get lost! Be certain that you have planned the best way to your destination, and think about the time you travel - don't travel in the rush hour, if you can avoid it.

 Share your trips If you can share your car, you'll save emissions and share the cost.


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Green TIPS for Waste


While you’re in the supermarket take a look at the stacks of plastic carrier bags at the checkout and imagine them multiplied by the number of checkouts in the average supermarket and the number of supermarkets in the country and the number of shopping days per year!

Buy yourself (or make) a small drawstring bag, enough to hold ten or so carrier bags (they pack VERY TIGHTLY) and take it with you when you go shopping next.

For extra public ‘greenie points’ get your granny (or granddad!) to embroider the words ‘Saving the Planet’ on the outside of your bag and wave it in front of the checkout person before opening it.


This one is only for the very brave — after the goods have gone past the scanner, slowly remove the outer packaging and leave it on the checkout. If anyone out there actually does this PLEASE take a photograph and send it to us. Packaging uses energy — unnecessary packaging consumes unnecessary energy.


Start saving EVERY envelope that comes through your letter box, keep them tidy with an elastic band and RE_USE them.

If you want to re-cycle, but dont want all those bottles, cans, newspapers and the rest hanging around..... buy some storage boxes, or even better make some, funk them up (you could use some of that paint leftover in the bottom of tins in the cellar or old wrapping paper perhaps), label them and stack them, or have them side by side, in the kitchen or other appropriate room.
Then stand back in admiration as your friends congratulate you on your recycling, artistic flair. They may even be so inspired that they rush home and try to recreate your masterpieces, whilst rummaging around in their rubbish for the re-cyclables...... (thanks to Kate Lovett from Pembrokeshire for that one..) 

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Green tips for food

Next time you go shopping for fruit & vegetables look at the ‘country of origin’ and choose the product that has travelled the least.   Transport uses energy, choosing locally produced food saves energy and pollution from the truck, ship or plane(!) that brought those goods to the shop.

For extra public ‘greenie points’ take a child shopping with you, pick up one of the offending products and say quit loudly "Well we’re not buying that, think of the energy it’s used up just getting here!


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