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Power in the Landscape

The Calder Valley was the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution and had the 'most romantic and dramatic industrial landscape in the world'.


Before coal was introduced, water was the main source of power for the valley and the industry here.


Over the last 40 years, the industry in the mills has disappeared and there is now very little evidence of the industry and life as they have now largely been converted to residential units.


The mill pond, goits and water systems which were built to support the water power are now overgrown and in most cases have disappeared altogether. This means we are losing a huge chunk of evidence of the heritage of the valley.


The aims of the project are to raise awareness of the 'alternative technology' which was used then and the potential for its use now -to bring the mills and the lives of the people to life, and into the context of the modern situation.


Working with the Industrial Museum in Calderdale and local history groups, this project will explore the general background of the period from 1790 to 1850.


We are carrying out an audit of all the mills in the Upper Calder Valley, with particular reference to the power used but also exploring the social economy and relating the information to the present and the future sustainability of the valley.


The project will also identify sites for potential reestablishment of water power in the area.


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